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Varsity swim team promotes pool safety

The varsity swim and dive team from Lowell High School in Massachusetts traveled to an elementary school in the area in order to discuss water and pool safety with nearly 180 students.

After a drowning occurred at the high school’s pool over the summer, the swim coach decided that the returning swim and dive team starters should do something positive for the community.

Over the summer, a 17-year-old boy drowned in the pool, but it is unknown whether the teenager could swim. The Medical Examiner’s office determined that the death was an accident. After the incident, the state’s Department of Public Health did a review on the school department’s pool safety and multiple citations were given as a result.

The swim and dive team read the book Stewie the Duck Learns to Swim: A Children’s Guide to Water Safety to the children in order to promote the importance of learning to swim. The USA Swimming Foundation has stated that nearly 70 percent of black and Hispanic children do not know how to swim.

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