Monthly Archives: May 2013

Keeping your kids safe in your pool

Especially as Austin makes it way into the middle of the hot summer months, more and more people are visiting local community pools or enjoying their own pools as a way to escape the heat. However, with the enjoyment that pools can bring, they can also pose a serious risk to people, particularly children. As such, it is important to consider certain safety tips when swimming this summer.

One important tip is to be very aware of the features of a pool and how these features affect you and your children. This includes knowing the varying depths of the pool and any special entries into the pool. By knowing these aspects of a pool, you can make sure you and your children stay away from parts of the pool that cannot be safely used.

Another important tip is add fences to your pool or only visit pools that have these fences. A fence can be very useful in keeping small children from wandering into a pool.

With these safety tips and the expert design of our pools, [firm-name] can help you keep yourself and your children safe. Call [phone-number] today to discuss updating your pool’s safety features or building a new, safe pool.