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4 Things People Forget to Consider in Pool Design

Designing a pool that fits your style and personality can be an exciting and fun task, and many people have a good idea about what they want their pool to look like. However, while working on designing a pool, many future pool owners tend to consider the overall features and design, rather than the individual features that can make a pool entirely different and unique. As such, when you are designing your custom pool for your home, make sure not to consider both the overall look and the smaller features that truly can set your pool apart.

Don’t Forget These Four Things

When you’re designing a pool, remember to consider the following four things that many people tend to forget when designing a custom pool:

  • Lighting features
  • Additions of waterfalls or fountains
  • Steps down into the pool for a shallow end
  • Perimeter design and landscaping

Fortunately, even if you forget to add these or other features when initially building your pool, you can speak with a skilled pool designer about adding them later in the future.

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