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Updating Your Pool in a Classic Style

Updating a swimming pool does not have to mean getting rid of the classic or traditional style that you love. Sometimes updating your pool can look more like simply making your swimming pool more suited to your tastes or adding new or improved elements that actually enhance the traditional style of the pool, rather than detract from or replace it.

For help designing and discussing the updates you want to make to your pool, while still keeping your traditional look, contact the qualified Austin custom pool builders of Athena Pools today by calling us at 512-914-0554.

Preserving Tradition

There are elements of pools that make them appear more traditional, than, for instance, updates that make a pool look more modern or contemporary. Some elements that can preserve traditional style include:

  • Irregular shapes for the pool, with curves and rounded edges
  • Natural landscape and plants surrounding the pool
  • Incorporating rock formations near the pool
  • Traditional water features, such as bubbling waterfalls
  • Visible lighting
  • Adding steps and benches in the pool

These features can make your swimming pool have a more traditional style, while still updating it and making it more suited to you. Thus, if tradition and classic style is the most important quality to you, you can rest assured that you can update your pool without losing this quality.

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If you or someone you know is thinking of updating his or her swimming pool but wants it to be a traditional style, contact a qualified Austin custom pool builder of Athena Pools today at 512-914-0554.