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Where Should I Put My Pool?

With the Texas heat seemingly present nearly year round, many people choose to battle the summer temperatures by installing a new custom-built swimming pool. However, choosing exactly where to place your pool can be a somewhat complicated and in-depth decision process, as a pool can last forever with proper maintenance, making its placement in your yard important.

Things to Consider

Pool placement can be strategic. It can also be aesthetic and functional. Wherever you decide to place your swimming pool, you should consider exactly how you want your pool to serve your needs. You might consider:

  • Placing it near a deck or other walking space
  • Placing it near your home, for easy inside-outside access
  • Placing it within a gated space, to limit visual / physical access
  • Placing it in the center of a yard, as a visual focal point
  • Placing it to one side of the yard, to maximize yard space

Ultimately, the placement of your pool is up to you, but thinking about the functionality and aesthetic quality of your pool is one way to make deciding on its placement much easier.

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Deciding where to put your swimming pool is an important decision, since moving it can be difficult and extremely expensive. Fortunately, making this decision can be easier with the help of an experienced custom pool builder. Contact our construction team from [firm-name] today by calling our offices at [phone-number] to talk about your placement options.