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Tips for Decorating around Your Pool

Designing and constructing your very own swimming pool can be rewarding and fun. However, there is often much more to this project than choosing a pool design and having a custom pool builder construct it. In fact, choosing the surroundings of a pool is often just as important of a project as building the pool itself. Whether you choose more minimal decorations for around your pool or want to create a cohesive style/theme, there are a variety of options available for decorating around your pool.

Pool Decorating Ideas

When you are thinking about decorating around your pool, consider two things: your unique personality and visual or functional appeal. You likely want your swimming pool to reflect who you are or who you want your visitors to be, so you’ll need to consider whether certain features, like stone or wood decking, or plant life, will fit around your pool.

Some popular ideas for decorating around a pool include:

  • Creating a jungle look, with many plants, flowers, and trees
  • Place unique patio furniture of different shapes and sizes near the pool
  • Adding a pergola or shaded area near the pool
  • Placing fire pits around the pool
  • Using bright colors as focal points

Whether these ideas fit your pool design plans or you have something else entirely in mind, having a custom pool designer help you achieve your pool design goals can alleviate much of the stress that often accompanies designing and building a pool.

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