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Excavation for a Custom Pool

Having a custom pool designed and constructed involves many intricate processes. In order for your pool to be built, an intense excavation process may need to occur in order to prepare a space for the swimming pool. Excavation can be a lengthy endeavor, particularly if homeowners try to cut corners. However, with the services of qualified custom pool professionals, you can rest assured knowing you have experts completing the necessary excavation.

If you or someone you know is thinking of installing a custom-built swimming pool, contact the experienced Austin custom pool builders of Athena Pools today by calling our office at 512-914-0554. We have years of experience serving the Austin area with beautiful and quality custom swimming pools, and we can walk you through our 10-step process, ensuring that you understand what’s going on at each point.

Why Excavation is Necessary

Excavation is the basic process of digging a space in the ground to prepare a place for the swimming pool. It is the first step in the actual construction part of the custom pool project. Excavation is necessary because it:

  • Ensures that there is adequate space for a pool
  • Allows pool designers to lay out the design
  • Involves setting “form boards” to shape a pool
  • Is the first step in constructing a pool

This process is best handled by experts because it involves specialized training and expertise.

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If you or a neighbor wants a custom-built swimming pool, don’t hesitate to call an Austin custom pool builder from Athena Pools today at 512-914-0554 to discuss your project.