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Designing Additional Pool Seating

Many pool owners enjoy entertaining and hosting others at their backyard oases. However, with more people enjoying your swimming pool, you might need additional seating in or around your pool. If you are considering either updating an existing pool or creating a new one, you may want to go over a variety of pool design options that are perfect for accommodating more people.

At [firm-name], we can help those in the Austin area transform their backyards through custom pool building or pool renovations/remodeling. We design our pools with your exact needs in mind, including the addition of unique seating options that can greatly increase your pool’s capacity.

Design Options for Increased Entertaining Abilities

Finding an original, functional, and attractive way to seat more people may seem like a difficult design challenge, but with a little imagination and the right custom pool design, you can create more seating without sacrificing comfort or luxury. For increased seating and entertaining abilities at your pool, you might consider design options like:

  • Built-in seating on the inside of pools, about waist-high
  • Adding patio space for tables and chairs around the pool
  • Adding a bar area either in or near the pool
  • Adding space for sprawling lawn chairs through patio design or landscaping

These ideas are only some of the ways that a pool owner can add more seating to his or her entertainment space. We can help you decide which option is best for your personality and hosting needs.

Contact a Custom Pool Builder in Austin

If you or someone you know is thinking of upgrading to a custom-built pool or remodeling an existing pool to accommodate more seating, consider the experienced, well-qualified custom pool builders at [firm-name]. Give our office a call today at [phone-number] to get started.