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Designing a Safer Swimming Pool

If you have a swimming pool, one of your main concerns is likely safety, especially if you have small children or others swimming in it often. While pools can be excellent sources of fun and exercise, they might also be dangerous if not designed properly or with certain safety features. Fortunately, if you are designing your swimming pool, or updating your existing pool, you can take some measures to make it safer.

If you or someone you know wants a swimming pool and needs to know more about safety in design, contact an experienced Austin custom pool builder from Athena Pools today by calling our offices at 512-914-0554. We have years of experience designing beautiful, yet safe pools for people like you.

Design Options for More Safety

You may not know yourself how to design a safer pool, but a knowledgeable swimming pool designer can make this easier. Some options you might consider for increasing safety in a swimming pool include:

  • Adding handrails
  • Adding steps
  • Adjusting depths of pool

All of these design options can help make your swimming pool safer, both for you and for any children who might ever be near the pool. By creating a pool that is safer, you can rest assured that no one will likely get in an accident or drown while enjoying your pool.

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