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A Kid-Friendly Design for Your Pool

Throughout Texas, adults and children alike enjoy pools. Although pools can be dangerous for anyone, they can be particularly so for children. Thus, it is important to ensure that your swimming pool has a kid-friendly design if you have children or expect children to visit it often. Fortunately, if you are updating your swimming pool, there are certain design elements that you can take into account to easily make your swimming pool safer and more appealing for children.

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Design for Kids

There are many ways that you can make your swimming pool safer for younger people without sacrificing safety or style. The following design elements can make your pool more kid-friendly in a number of ways:

  • Safety: avoiding slippery rock on the perimeters of pools or having unmarked depth changes
  • Style: Consider a waterfall; these are usually simple to add to a swimming pool and kids often love them
  • Fun: Adding a slide or other play feature can be a great and easy way to appeal to kids
  • Night Swimming: Adding a light feature can make your pool easier to enjoy for kids at night, while still keeping them visible

These and other features can make your pool more kid-friendly without increasing your worry that they may be unsafe while using it.

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