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Making Your Pool Look More Modern

While classic and traditional pools will always be popular with certain pool owners, more and more people are choosing to install swimming pools with a more modern design. Modernization of homes is quickly becoming a phenomenon in the design industry, and this does not stop at swimming pools. If you are interested in making your pool look more modern, there are easy ways to do this that can be discussed when designing the project with your pool contractor.

Custom pools can create a modern feel for your home. If you want to learn more about updating or installing a modern custom pool, contact a qualified Austin custom pool builder of [firm-name] today by calling [phone-number].

Tips for the Modern Design Style

When you are installing a new custom pool, you will consult with your designer and architect, in addition to the general contractor, about your vision. If your vision includes modern style, keep in mind the following modern design elements:

  • Traditional, symmetric shapes, like squares or rectangles
  • Sleek, clean angles, and pointed edges (not rounded)
  • Flat, recessed, or hidden lighting features
  • Smooth water features, as opposed to waving/bubbling
  • Infinity pool designs

All of these design elements can help shape your custom-built swimming pool popular modern style and can give your home a personalized touch based on your unique taste.

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To consult with a custom pool builder about your modern pool vision, contact the Austin custom pool builders of [firm-name] today at [phone-number]. We can work with you to give you the pool you want.