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Enjoying Your Pool in the Winter

It may seem unlikely that you can enjoy a swimming pool during the cold months of the year, but with a customized design and layout, this is not only a possibility; it is also a desirable condition that many homeowners in the Austin area are taking advantage of. Swimming can be an excellent form of exercise and recreation, and being able to indulge in this entertainment does not have to be diminished by cold weather. With a custom pool, homeowners can continue to enjoy the benefits of having a swimming pool, even during the cold winter months.

If you or someone you know is interested in a custom pool for the winter in the Austin area, contact the experienced Austin custom pool builders of Athena Pools today by calling us at 512-914-0554.

Customized for Winter Comfort

There are ways to customize a swimming pool so that it might even be used in the winter months. Some of these customization options involve:

  • Indoor/outdoor design
  • Customized heating elements
  • Lighting
  • Additional surrounding features, like fire-pit additions
  • Landscaping to block wind

These features can allow a homeowner to enjoy his or her swimming pool, even in the middle of winter. And even though Austin rarely becomes so cold it’s unbearable, being able to enjoy your pool year-round without worrying about the weather is important to many homeowners.

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In preparation for winter months, you may want to upgrade your pool to accommodate cooler temperatures. Contact an experienced Austin custom pool builder of Athena Pools today by calling 512-914-0554. We have years of experience and a wealth of specialized knowledge that allows us to produce the best pool for you.